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We sell individual equipment and we license complete rehabilitation systems to partner clinics. These rehabilitation systems utilize our proprietary treatment protocols that increase treatment outcomes by leveraging the synergies of our equipment. For example, our system has been shown to reduce the need for back surgeries by 75%. This can save hundreds of millions of dollars a year to patients and the insurance industry.

Our company purpose is to offer hope and healing to those with biomechanical and functional challenges associated with back, shoulder, cervical, and gait problems.



After years of development, PneuThera is deploying its patented equipment suite and proprietary protocols to Physical Therapy and Chiropractic organizations across North America. We call this system the PneuBack Program.

PneuThera is a company that develops and distributes simple, high-tech rehabilitation equipment and treatment protocols. We are the original pioneers in the development and application of unweighting and vibration rehabilitation technologies.

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